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Dr. Victoria Shropshire

Professional Writer & Editor
Research & Writing Consultant



If you need guidance, editing, proofreading, or researching at any stage of a writing project or presentation, then I’m Your Girl.

If you are looking for someone to give you blind kudos for your efforts without critically reading the work, then give it to your Grandma. 

If you need to feel better about yourself, do some community service. See a therapist. Live like the person your dog thinks you are.  I can’t make you a better person, but I can help you be a better writer.

I’m Your Girl offers advice along the writing journey- at any stage of the process — where you need/want it the most.

In a time of global markets and digital interactions, our writing skills are more important than ever. Let’s face it. Research is important and writing is critical, but they can also be time-consuming and frustrating. In a time when many of us are transitioning to remote work, we find we have no choice. And we need help. For some, writing has been moved to the top of the “to-do” list and it’s accompanied by anxiety. Others may enjoy writing but need some guidance to stay focused or need someone to proofread and give them professional feedback before they want to share it with a wider audience.


From creative to corporate writing, I’m Your Girl. is here to help.

Have mounds of ideas and projects that never seem to get finished?

Need support with creative writing? Do you need kind and productive feedback?
Guess what. I’m Your Girl

Are you looking for someone to lead a creative writing workshop?

Have you written a novel or a screenplay and
need a Book Dr with fresh eyes and honesty?
I’m Your Girl

Having trouble getting organized? Staying focused?

Are you a First-Class Procrastinator? Spinning your writing wheels? Well then.  I’m Your Girl.

Do you need assistance with work-related writing?

Need help planning/writing a speech or presentation?

That's right. I’m Your Girl.


How it works



Fill out the Client Form. Tell me what you need, in your own words. No filters and no obligations.



I read your Client Form.  I think on it.  I may do some preliminary research.  Then I let you know
what I can do for you.




If you decide to move forward, we develop  a  Client Contract which is custom tailored for you and your needs. In it, we define your goals and our expectations as well as payments schedules/billing procedures. 

Then we get to work!

Revision & Proofreading
Content Consultation



I’m Your Girl:.DocShrop

Dr. Victoria Shropshire

Full-Time Writer/Editor, Part-time Professor
Part-Time Workshop Facilitator, Lifetime Derelict Debutante

I love words on a page (or screen, or performed) that can motivate, unite, inform, entertain, engage, and inspire. With my candid nature and a bit of humor, I will consult with you about creative and professional writing projects of all shapes and sizes.


I am a professional writer and editor. Editing is refinement, primarily.  But it can be deep tissue or simple toning; the choice is yours. I have battle-hardened writing expertise, and I can help you whip your writing into shape.

I teach students how to be better researchers and writers, with an emphasis on participating in the discourses of our time with integrity and research-based arguments. I use Practice as Research and social pedagogies to support them in connecting academic research to real-world applications.

I guide writers on structuring and supporting their process, using KanBan methodology.

I lead creative writing workshops that focus on encouraging writers to find their voices and hone their craft to produce their best possible work. I am a cancer survivor and specialize in writing groups that use autoethnography to (re)frame trauma and identity development with creative writing practice. I am a member of the LGBTQIA+ community and forefront writing-based projects that support this community, locally and abroad.

I can also help you with public speaking especially if you need to convert (mostly boring) information into a (stunning, engaging) oral presentation or speech. From a professional report or industry/conference presentation to delivering the world’s greatest Best Man Speech, I’m Your Girl.

I’ve published fiction and creative non-fiction pieces, as well as copy for commercial and advertising projects. I have published scholarly articles and book chapters and was once a working writer in the entertainment industry. I maintain a personal blog at

I am always looking for new and diverse projects and would love to help you.

Being a writer is like having homework for the rest of your life. 


Victoria is amazing.  I needed a resume overhaul and help planning a 10-minute presentation in order to be considered for a promotion at work.  Done and done!  I could not have managed it without her patience and creativity.  I recommend her highly!
– – Christopher Mitchum
(Charlotte, NC) 


“I’m Your Girl” was just what I needed to complete my Ultra Running memoir. She helped me with constructive criticism and red ink when I needed it; she was there when struggling with structure; she provided a shoulder to cry on when I
“hit the wall”. I couldn’t have done it without her.
 – – Ben Rolfe (Monaco) Author of Running High, Running Low, Running Long


Victoria Shropshire provided final copy editing services for my novel. Not only did she make the text editorially and stylistically consistent, but she also noted narrative inconsistencies and errors that I was able to rewrite and correct, greatly improving the book. I owe Victoria a lot for the positive response the novel is receiving, and strongly recommend her work to others.
          – – Ross Howell Jr. (Greensboro, NC)
                   Author of Forsaken


"Victoria helped me edit my PhD dissertation and I'm extremely grateful for her support and writing guidance over the years. She has always been extremely professional and patient when dealing with my messy drafts. I've learned a lot from her clear and constructive criticism and useful writing tips. Thanks to Victoria's support, I've not only learned how to improve my writing, but now I actually enjoy it. As a teaching academic, I use her guidance e for continuing research and scholarly writing projects. Her expertise and critical insights always make my writing more accessible and readable."
          – – Dr. Alicja Pawluczuk
                   Director of Digital Beez 
                    ICT4D Fellow at the
                    United Nations University






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